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Evaluation of the highest quality solar street lights

The evaluation of the highest quality solar street light depends on the raw materials, technology and quality of the product. Manufacturers with high-quality raw material suppliers and products that have undergone rigorous testing and screening are worthy of our trust.

Selection of raw materials:

evaluation of the highest quality solar street light
1)Battery: Sresky’s products use lithium batteries. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are more expensive, safer and more stable, and have a longer service life. And to eliminate potential safety risks, Sresky refused to use second-hand batteries. The ternary lithium used by SRESKY is more than 3 months high/low temperature test; 1000~2000 Cycles, life>3 years. The supplier of lithium battery protection chips is the industry’s top 1 ABLIC. Used second-hand battery hazards:

2)Solar panels: The higher the conversion efficiency of solar panels, the higher the power generation. The conversion efficiency of solar panels of Sresky’s solar street lights is more than 21%.

3)Lamp beads: The brightness of the lamp beads of solar lamps depends on the material of the lamp beads. Sresky uses OSRAM LED lamp beads, which have high brightness and guaranteed quality. SRESKY lamp beads standard: IEC/EN62471, LM80. No patent risk, strict product technology control


4) Controller: The solar light controller coordinates the work of solar panels and batteries, and is a very important part of the Pv system. The stable controller can make the entire solar system run efficiently and safely. SRESKY has several patents and a reliable and strict material system( 60% made in Japan, 30% made in Taiwan, 10% made in china). ST is SRESKY’s MCU and the solar controller core chip supplier

The technology of Sresky’s products

1) Power saving technology (lighting time): ALS automatically extends the lighting time. The solar street lights can work as usual for 8-10 days on rainy days.


2) Automatic error reporting function: FAS automatically detect faults and report errors. Can quickly solve problems, avoid long waits.


3) Constant temperature function: TCS constant temperature technology. Temperature control in extreme hot & cold countries and prolong the lifespan. The applicable temperature range is -20℃—60℃.


4) Automatic cleaning function: The solar panels on the solar panel are covered by dust and snow, which will affect the solar panel conversion efficiency. The solar street light with the function of automatically cleaning the dust and snow on the solar panel does not require manual cleaning, which can reduce a lot of expenses.


5) Intelligent control: With mobile phone APP control, you can remotely control solar street lights, which is more convenient to control.

6) PIR technology:


Strict quality testing

R&D System:

Our staff
Sresky has been supporting OEM and OEM services for nearly 20 years and has more than 30 R&D engineers. It has more than 800 certificates including ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO45001, and more than 60 patents.

Supply System:


Using standard brands Pure ABS with UV and Multilon PC and using standard brands aluminium and Q235A with double spray technology. The solar lighting materials and components used by Sresky are all top brands in the industry, such as OSRAM, ABLIC, ST, etc.

Production Management System

76% of Sresky’s engineers have worked for more than 5 years, with rich experience and mature technology. The new employees are on-boarded for training and hands-on teaching. Through quarterly training and assessment to achieve the goal of stable quality and accurate delivery, it provides customers with a solid guarantee.

QC System


There are strict testing procedures. For the LED parameters of solar street lights, solar panel parameters, battery cell capacity and parameters, battery protection performance, battery cell capacity and parameters, product battery life and process monitoring, product seismic performance, whether the production process is executed correctly, and product corrosion resistance, The stability of the main components under high temperature is measured.

Packing System

The solar street light is wrapped with plastic foam to prevent the product from being damaged by collision during transportation. After the packaging is completed, will perform a drop test and transit test

Warehouse Manage System

SRESKY have strict rules and regulations, and ban and alert signs are posted everywhere in the warehouse. The warehouse uses a dehumidifier, Air conditioning constant temperature and other equipment to control the temperature and humidity of the warehouse.

Pre-shipping System

SRESKY has established product inspection qualification standards. Carry out sampling inspections on incoming materials and finished products, and carry out installation tests and packaging tests on finished products. Substandard products will be reworked. The shipment also requires strict procedures, such as checking shipping notices and checking SO#.

After-sales Service System

Sresky has a complete after-sales service system, and any questions will be answered within 16 hours.

Sresky has high praise from customers



We not only have experience with Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Homedepot, ADEO, but also many government projects. Government departments such as Colombia, the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom have especially promoted our projects.

If you have any questions about solar street lights, please feel free to contact us

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