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Since the last century, mankind has used non-renewable resources to generate electricity to meet the needs of survival and development, but it has also caused great damage to the earth environment on which mankind depends. Environmental destruction and global warming have brought a survival crisis.

Therefore, countries all over the world are to reduce the proportion of non-renewable and use more environmentally friendly renewable energy. For example, the use of solar energy to generate electricity, solar energy is can’t run out and cleaner.

Recommend several Solar garden wall lamps and solar street lights in Kuwait:

all in one solar street light

solar street light in Kuwait

PIR solar wall light

Solar well Light

3 LEDs power indicators solar garden light 

Sresky - Solar garden light - Honor series SLL-31 Solar Garden Light

Application advantages of solar lights in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the countries with the highest per capita electricity consumption in the world. Kuwait proposes that by 2030 renewable resources will account for 15% of total energy demand, and the total installed capacity will exceed 2GW.

Kuwait has abundant solar energy resources. The use of solar power for lighting is the best lighting solution to improve the environment. Traditional lighting equipment consumes a lot of power, has high maintenance costs, and has high light pollution.

The solar outdoor lighting equipment converts solar energy into electricity through solar panels to lighting. And solar lights are convenient to install, safe and environmentally friendly, does not bring light pollution and achieve a dark sky.

Kuwait has a tropical desert climate with a dry and hot. The summer is very hot, arid and rainless. The average is 45°C, and the highest can reach 51°C. The winter is suitable, humid and rainy, with the lowest reaching -6°C.

According to the weather conditions in Kuwait, you can choose solar lamps with high-temperature resistance, water resistance and erosion resistance.

Sresky’s solar powered led street lights have TCS constant temperature technology, ALS automatic extension lighting technology, FAS automatic fault detection system:




Sresky has many different types of solar lights. Such as integrated solar street lamps, solar powered led street lights with PIR motion sensing, multi-purpose solar wall lights, and solar garden lights with remote control. Welcome to learn more if you are interested!

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