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Comparison between solar street light and normal street light


The safety is different: the electricity of the traditional street lamp comes from wire and cable transmission, while the traditional city electricity is high-voltage alternating current. The electricity used by solar street lights is a low-voltage direct current. Therefore, solar street lights are safer.

The source of the light source is different: the light source of the ordinary street lamp comes from the electric energy, which depends on the power supply of the power plant. If there is a power failure, it will soon be unable to illuminate. The solar street light source comes from solar energy, so long as the light is sufficient, it can illuminate. And it will not be affected by power failure.

The installation procedure is different: ordinary street lights need to dig holes for wiring, and the process is complicated. The solar street light only needs to bury the pole to fix the lamp cap.


Maintenance costs are different: from the first installation, the installation cost of solar street lamps is a bit more expensive than ordinary street lights. But ordinary street lights need wiring, so they will face wiring problems or wiring ageing problems. After installation, maintenance costs increase year by year. The solar street light does not require subsequent line maintenance. So overall, solar street lights are more cost-effective.

The pollution caused is different: ordinary street lights need electric drive, which consumes a lot of electricity. Ordinary street light sources generally use high-pressure sodium lamps, which can cause light pollution. Solar street lights are LED lights, relying on solar power generation, solar energy is green and environmentally friendly and is a renewable energy source and can’t run out.

What are the precautions for solar street light online shopping?


With the continuous development of the Internet, more and more people choose to shop online. So what are the precautions for solar street light online shopping?

First of all, before you buy, determine your purpose to determine the brightness you need. It depends on whether you choose a brighter solar street light for highway road lighting or solar street light for the home that does not require a particularly large brightness. Or according to the installed solar street light pole height to choose:

It is recommended to choose a 15-20 watt LED lamp holder for a 3-4 meter pole. 30-50 watt LED lamp holder is recommended for 5-7 meter pole. A 50-100 watt LED lamp holder is recommended for an 8-12 meter pole. You can choose according to the actual situation Street light with dual-LED heads.

When we choose solar lamps, we usually prefer cheap solar street lights or large wattage. But in fact, we can’t just look at the price of solar street lights and the wattage. Some stores may impose a false standard on the wattage, so when choosing a solar street light, you also need to look at the solar street light controller, solar street light battery capacity, and solar street light battery specifications.

The power of solar lamps is limited by the capacity of the battery, and the capacity of the battery is limited by the Pv panel. Pv panels include monocrystalline silicon Pv panels and polycrystalline silicon Pv panels. In the test, the conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is higher than that of polycrystalline silicon but ultimately depends on the quality of the Pv panel. So choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important.

Recommend several solar street lights for you:


Automatically clean up dust and snow:


Explosion-proof glass body:

solar street light

All in one integrated design:


360° adjustable solar panels:

Solar street Light

With the development of technology, solar street lights are becoming more and more intelligent. Automatic solar street light automatically senses outside light fixtures, turns on automatically in the evening, and turns off automatically in the morning. It also has a PIR human body sensing system. which automatically lights up when someone walks into its sensing area, which can save energy to the greatest extent. There are also solar street lights with remote control, which can remotely control their lighting mode and so on.

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