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solar street lights

what is the solar street light?

solar street light introduction:

Solar street lamps are composed of solar panels, solar controllers, lithium batteries, LED light sources, and light poles.

Solar street lamps lithium battery: Nowadays, the use of lithium batteries in solar street lights is becoming more and more common. Compared with the previous lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are small in size, light in weight, and more convenient to transport. Lithium batteries have a high energy density and longer service life.

Solar street lights using lithium batteries are easy to install. When installing traditional solar street lights, it is necessary to reserve a battery pit and use a buried box to put the battery in and seal it. The installation of lithium battery solar street lamps is much more convenient. You can directly install the lithium battery on the bracket, using a suspended or built-in type. And the maintenance of lithium battery solar street lights is more convenient.

Solar street light pole installation: Solar light poles are an important part of solar street lights. Compared with ordinary street light poles, split solar street lights have a larger windward surface due to the use of solar panels. Therefore, the design of solar street light poles needs to be improved, such as ensuring the strength of the poles. On the basis of safety and rigidity, the wall thickness of the light pole and bracket is changed to ensure that it can still work stably when exposed to bad weather conditions. Since the solar street light with lithium battery can be hung or concealed, the installation is very convenient, just dig the foundation pit and bury the light pole.

How does solar street light work?

Solar energy is converted into electrical energy through solar panels and stored in lithium batteries. When night falls, solar street lights start to work from dusk to dawn.

How to install solar street lights?

When installing solar street lights, choose a good location, pay attention to not shielding the solar panels, and ensure sufficient sunlight. The installation of split solar street lights is slightly more complicated than that of integrated solar street lights. When installing the split solar street light, you need to put the LED lamp on the pole bracket and fix it with screws. Then put the solar panel on the pole, adjust the angle and then fix it.

The integrated solar street light is a solar street light that integrates solar panels, lithium batteries, LEDs, smart controllers, and anti-theft mounting brackets. Because the integrated solar street light is light in weight, two workers generally only need a wrench specially equipped in the product to complete the installation in 5 minutes without using heavy equipment and tools.

Solar street light types: According to different venues and different uses, solar street lights can be divided into several types. For example, high pole street lights suitable for highways have a wider lighting range and are brighter. It is suitable for garden street lights in parks or paths. The light poles are low, and there are different colours of lights to choose from to meet the daily needs of the light source. There are also landscape street lights suitable for scenic spots, which are unique in shape, beautiful and can lighting.

How to repair the solar street light?

First of all, make sure that there is a problem with that part. Problems with lithium batteries, solar controllers or solar panels may result in short lighting times. You need to take out the battery from the light pole or under the battery board to replace it. Problems with the LED light source may cause the light to fail, so replace the non-lighting lamp beads in time. When the light is not on, first check whether the wiring terminals of the lamp are loose, then check whether the solar controller has water and check whether the battery panel has current.

Best led solar street light manufacturer

When buying solar lamps, it is very important to choose a reliable solar LED street light with pole suppliers. A trustworthy manufacturer not only has the best solar led street light but also has perfect after-sales service.

Sresky’s developed FAS technology can automatically report errors by FAS, quickly identify solar failures, and efficiently handle after-sales services.

Sresky is a professional led solar street light factory, and there are many different types of solar street lights. Such as solar street lights with remote control, solar street lights with explosion-proof glass bodies, solar street lights that can automatically clean up dust and snow.

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