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Solar lamps convert solar energy into electricity through solar panels, which are stored in lithium batteries for night lighting. Moreover, solar energy is a renewable energy source, which is very environmentally friendly. Solar light is very suitable for the development trend of today’s world situation. Solar lights have different types, among which all in one solar street lights are very popular.

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Automatically clean up dust and snow 

all in one solar street light

Explosion-proof glass body

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Three light modes can be adjusted

With remote control

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Super brightness up to 3000LM

What is integrated solar street light?

Integrated solar induction street light is to integrate the battery, controller, and light source into one. Compared with split solar street lights, the main feature of integrated solar street lights is that they are easy to install. no need for the complicated steps required for the installation of split street lights, and greatly saves labour and construction costs. Moreover, the integrated solar street lights have been upgraded in design, such as batteries.

Now, most street lamp batteries are equipped with lithium batteries, which have much higher performance than traditional street lamp batteries. In terms of performance, it far surpasses the traditional city circuit lights. The integrated solar led street light has only two parts in total, the lamp holder and the lamp pole. Which does not take up space and is convenient for transportation, which greatly improves the efficiency of transportation.

Traditional street lights use city power. Which is not only complicated to install, but also high in electricity and maintenance costs, and also has potential safety hazards. Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, the use rate of new energy is gradually maturing and stable. And solar street lights are gradually replacing urban circuit lights. With the maturity of solar street lamp production technology and increasing market demand, all-in-one solar street light companies are also constantly exploring and developing.

Advantages of Integrated solar street lights.

Moreover, because the demand for solar energy continues to increase, the products on the market are also more diverse, and different types of lamps are emerging endlessly. It is particularly important to choose a reliable manufacturer. A trustworthy manufacturer not only has high-quality products but also has perfect after-sales service, which can save costs to the greatest extent. So how to choose an all-in-one solar lamp suitable for your purpose? What issues should be paid attention to when buying?

First of all, the following factors should be determined when purchasing:

  1. First of all, look at the location where the solar lamps are installed, to see if they are well-lit and whether the sunlight has enough time. The installation environment should not be blocked, which will affect the working efficiency of the solar system.
  2. Check whether the solar lamp is fixed on the wall or on the pole, which determines the structure of the integrated solar lamp. The fixed wall should adopt the flange structure, and the pole should adopt the hoop structure.
  3. Determine the size of the lighting area needed to select the power of the solar street lamp. The current solar street lamps are all led light sources. One-watt LEDs far exceed ten-watt fluorescent lamps, and the brightness is twice that of ordinary street lamps. Energy-saving lamps.
  4. Determine the size of solar panels and solar cells according to the lighting power of the solar lamp.

According to the above requirements for choosing solar lights, we should pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

First is the actual working efficiency of solar lights. The power of the solar lamp is different from the actual working power. A 100-watt lamp can be adjusted to 1 watt or lower.

The second is to pay attention to the actual capacity of solar panels and batteries. For example, the efficiency of a 12-volt solar panel system is twice that of a 6-volt system. When the battery 12 (actually 11.1) volts is 10 amps, it is equivalent to 30 amps in a 3.7-volt system.

The third is the general issues that solar street lights should pay attention to, such as lighting time, brightness, and service life.

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Sresky is a professional all-in-one solar led street lights manufacturer in China. TCS, ALS, FAS are three technologies independently developed by Sresky to bring a better experience for consumers. And Sresky’s integrated solar street light has a waterproof rating of ip65 and combined with ALS technology, the product can work normally for 8-10 days on rainy days.

With the increasing demand for integrated solar street lights, many all in one solar street light suppliers have emerged on the market. To buy high-quality products, a reliable integrated solar led street light manufacturer is very important. A trustworthy integrated solar street light company not only has high-quality products but also has perfect after-sales service, which can save costs to the greatest extent.

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