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Australia solar street light

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Advantages of using solar lights in Australia

Australian solar resource ranks first in the world. To promote the development of the country’s solar energy industry, the Australian government has issued several supporting policies. Such as the Sun City Project, the Solar School Project, and the Remote Area Solar Project. To encourage the promotion of solar power in different sectors and regions. Since 2011, both the quantity and the amount of halogen tungsten lamps and fluorescent lamps have shown a trend of declining year by year, and the penetration rate of LED lighting has increased year by year.

Australia is the first country globally to die out incandescent lamps, and its LED lighting product penetration rate is relatively high among developed countries.

Solar light fixtures use LED lighting, relying on solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity. It is without wiring, safe and convenient, and environmentally friendly. Australia has the most abundant light resources, and the application of solar energy is relatively mature. In order to protect the environment and save resources, solar lighting is the best lighting solution

You can choose a suitable solar street path light according to different weather conditions. Australia spans two climatic zones, the northern part is tropical and the southern part is temperate. The inland is arid and rainless, with high temperatures and large temperature differences. In coastal areas, summer has more rainfall, abundant rainfall and humid climate.

The waterproof rating of Sresky products is IP65, combined with the developed ALS technology. Which can ensuring that the solar lamp can work as usual on rainy and rainy days.

Sresky’s TCS can work as usual at -20℃-60℃ to solve the problem of battery life degradation. FAS automatic error reporting system, rapid identification and efficient after-sales processing.

If you have questions about solar powered led street lights, please contact us.  Sresky is a professional solar lighting manufacturer. It is the best choice for online shopping led outdoor solar street garden path light in Australia

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