Why should the solar panels of the solar street lights need to be cleaned regularly?

2020-05-27 10:52:05

Regular cleaning of solar panels can improve light transmittance to ensure power generation efficiency. Long-term fouling of components will not only cause loss of power generation but also lead to a hot spot effect, resulting in a short life of components even damage. According to authority statistics, the hot spot effect reduces the actual service life of the solar cell module by at least 10%.

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But how should we clean the solar panels? We can wipe them with cleaning water or industrial alcohol. DO NOT scrub with hard objects, which would scratch the surface of the glass, resulting in uneven refraction, affecting the efficiency of power generation. If you don’t want to clean the solar street lights manually, here is another good choice 4 you: Sresky Thermos series solar street lights, with an automatic solar panel cleaning system. This good boy can take good care of solar panels by himself!