Solar street lamp manufacturers' suggestions for solar street light

2019-11-07 09:42:11

Solar street light is a complete system, including solar panels, batteries, special controllers for solar street lights, LED street lights and poles. It is an automatically controlled working system that automatically runs when the system's working mode is set. With the increase in the demand for lighting, the purchase of solar street lamps has become a difficult task for the government and bidding companies. 

Solar street light

First, solar street lights should have a professional technical solution configuration: the right is good. Tailor-made solar street light configurations are generally best suited to the local lighting environment. It is a good professional technical solution configuration to carry out special optimization design according to local conditions to reduce the cost of products under the premise of meeting customer requirements.

Second, solar street lights should have a perfect after-sales service guarantee: no one can guarantee that their solar street lights will never fail. Therefore, after-sales service is the key. It is an important service content to be able to solve problems in the fastest time after a failure.

 Third, can not be based on the brightness of solar street lights to the quality: the same power of the street lights with high brightness must be a good product? Generally, solar street lamps use LED street lamps, and their brightness is several times or even ten times that of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. The brightness is too high, the light distribution is not good, one is wasting the efficiency of the LED street light, and the second is easy to cause glare.