Solar energy will become a low-cost energy source, and outdoor solar lights will culminate.

2019-07-30 10:38:20

Outdoor solar light is the most common way we use solar energy. With the continuous upgrading of application technology, the application cost of solar energy is declining and will replace traditional energy in the future.

As a practitioner in the field of new energy, people often ask me whether the cost of solar power generation is declining. Is it far from the historical stage of fossil energy such as coal and oil?

Many media reports recently that outdoor solar lights in some parts of the world are currently cheaper to use than coal. It is expected that the application of outdoor solar lights will become a low-cost energy option worldwide in the next decade.

outdoor solar light

In the past few years, from Chile to the United Arab Emirates, many countries have set a record for solar power generation costs at less than 3 cents per kWh, which is half the cost of global average coal power generation. Currently, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Mexico are planning auctions and tenders this year, hoping to further cut prices.

Bloomberg reported that since 2009, solar prices have fallen by 62%, cutting costs in every part of its supply chain. This helps reduce the risk premium of bank loans and pushes the manufacturing capacity of the company to new heights. According to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the average cost of solar power generation worldwide may be cheaper than coal by 2025, and the popularity of outdoor solar lights is more widespread.

“These numbers will change the rules of the game in the global energy market and will gradually become more common in more markets,” the International Renewable Energy Agency predicts. “Whenever capacity doubles, the price of solar energy can be reduced by 20%. Outdoor solar lights. The popularity will increase accordingly."

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that solar costs will fall further by 43%-65% by 2025 and have fallen by 84% since 2009.

From the use of diamond, wire saw technology that cuts wafers more efficiently to battery technology with higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, the upgrading of technology has always been the key to the development of the solar industry. Besides, since the solar boom that began more than a decade ago, driven by economies of scale and manufacturing experience, the industry has become increasingly competitive with fossil fuels.

In different countries and regions, the price of solar energy is lower than that of coal, and the cost of using outdoor solar lamps is different. Areas such as Europe and Brazil that import coal or carbon trading taxes will achieve flat solar and coal prices by 2020. If it is in a coal-rich region such as China and India, it may take longer.

outdoor solar light

However, the coal industry has issued a questioning voice. They believe that the cost of coal and renewable energy is not taken into account in the latter's maintenance of the backup power supply. These backup power sources are mainly when there is no sun or wind. Maintain work. ”

Despite this, the unstoppable decline in the use of outdoor solar lights has made it a strong competitor to fossil energy.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Data, China, as a solar energy market, will have lower solar power costs than coal by 2030. As the government continues to act to reduce carbon emissions and increase clean energy consumption, China has surpassed Germany to become a global solar power capacity.

Countries in the “sunshine zone” occupy a position in terms of cost reduction, not only because of the advantages of weather conditions but also because the government awards power purchase contracts through competitive auctions, forcing energy companies to compete with each other to reduce costs.

The use of human energy has undergone several changes, improving the efficiency of use and promoting the progress of human civilization. With the changes in the global environment, clean development has become a global consensus. The use of solar energy is the need of the development of the times. I believe that the use of outdoor solar lights will become increasingly low-cost and high-quality. Constantly integrate into our daily lives and improve the quality of our lives.