Outdoor solar light manufacturers tell you why lithium batteries are widely used

2019-07-23 10:25:22

After the outdoor solar light was replaced by the original incandescent lamp, various environmentally-friendly lamps appeared. Lithium battery town is also widely used in outdoor solar lamps. Why is it welcome? Because lithium batteries have many advantages, you should know something after reading them.

outdoor solar light

First, intelligence

The energy storage of lithium batteries is somewhat intelligent. When we use them, we can set the time according to the actual usage. For example, in the case of insufficient power, you can reduce the brightness by yourself and automatically recognize the middle of the night and the middle of the night. If it is not in the centre of the street light, you can turn off the street light through the remote control to achieve an energy-saving effect. Also, depending on the season, the duration of the light is different, and it can also adjust the time of its lighting and closing, which is very intelligent.

Second, controllability

Lithium batteries are inherently controllable and non-polluting and do not produce any contaminants during use. Much outdoor solar light is not damaged because of the light source, most of them are on the battery. Lithium batteries can control their power storage and output, and they can increase their service life without wasting. A lithium battery can reach the service life of seven or eight years

Third, environmental protection and energy conservation

Lithium battery street lights are generally associated with solar energy. Electricity is generated by solar energy, and excess power is stored in the lithium battery. Fully utilizing the solar energy resources of nature to supply electricity without any consumables. Not only environmental protection and energy-saving but also the life of the factory street lights.

outdoor solar light

Fourth, security

Lithium batteries are dry batteries that are safer and more stable to use than normal storage batteries. This is related to the element of lithium, which is an inert element that does not easily change its nature and maintain stability. Another advantage besides this is that the weight is light, which reduces the wind pressure of the street lamp to a certain extent.

The above are the four major advantages of lithium battery solar street lamps. In this society that advocates environmental protection and energy conservation, it is also expected that lithium batteries will be welcomed. As long as it is used properly, it can achieve unexpected results, which not only protects the environment but also extends the service life of solar street lamps.