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All die-cast aluminium solar outdoor light

Advantage  of all die-cast aluminium solar outdoor light

Aluminium suitable for the die-casting process is die-cast aluminium, usually die-cast aluminium alloy. It has a set of high-tech core-pulling and cooling systems. In general, the material is sent to the cavity to be cast and “injected” through a centralized entrance to form a part. Compared with pure aluminium, aluminium alloy is lighter and softer, has better strength, better corrosion resistance, better processing performance, and is easy to regenerate.

Die casting is a kind of special casting in casting. By pouring the molten or semi-molten metal into the pressure chamber of the die-casting machine, under high pressure, the molten metal is filled in the cavity of the die-casting mould at high speed. The molten or semi-molten metal is cooled under high pressure, and the casting is obtained by solidification. This is an efficient precision casting method.

Die-cast aluminium has the following advantages:

  1. Good product quality: castings have high dimensional accuracy, generally equivalent to 6~7, or even up to 4.    Good surface finish, generally equivalent to 5~8. Strength and hardness are higher, and the strength is generally higher than that of sand casting by 25 ~30%, but the elongation is reduced by about 70%. The size is stable, and the interchangeability is good. It can die-cast aluminium thin-walled complex castings. For example, the current minimum wall thickness of zinc alloy die-cast aluminium parts can reach 0.3mm. Aluminium alloy castings can reach 0.5mm. The minimum casting aperture is 0.7mm. And the minimum pitch is 0.75mm.
  2. High production efficiency: Machine productivity is high. For example, the domestic JⅢ3 horizontal cold air die-casting aluminium machine can die-cast aluminium 600-700 times in an average of eight hours. And the small hot-chamber die-casting aluminium machine can die-cast aluminium 3000-7000 times every eight hours on average. The die-cast aluminium mould has a long life. A pair of die-cast aluminium moulds and die-cast aluminium clock alloys have a life span of hundreds of thousands of times or even millions of times. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation.
  3. Excellent economic effect: Due to the precise size of die-cast aluminium parts, they are generally used directly without mechanical processing. And the price of castings is cheap. Can use a combination of die-cast aluminium with other metal or non-metallic materials. It saves not only assembly man-hours but also metal.

Why is die-cast aluminium very suitable for outdoor LED solar street lights? Because the LED solar street lamp head is installed on the bracket. If the quality is too large, it will bring a great burden to the socket, and cause safety hazards.

Therefore, the weight of the lamp should be reduced as much as possible, while ensuring sufficient hardness to meet the protection of the lamp. Sexual requirements.

Die-cast aluminium is light and hard, which not only meets the quality requirements of solar led street lights but also reduces the weight of the LED lamp holder itself, making the lamp safer. Die-cast aluminium itself has very good heat dissipation and moderate price, which can guarantee the service life of led street lamp caps. Die-cast aluminium itself has very good heat dissipation and medium price, which can guarantee the service life of led street lamp caps. Therefore, all die-cast aluminium solar outdoor lights have a longer service life and better quality.

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