Model NO. : SSL-08R

Main Features:

1. Remote Control for 38 lighting modes;

2. PIR Motion Sensor for Energy Saving;     
                                                                                                                                                   3. ALS + VFT + TCS Technology for All Night Lighting even in Cloudy or Rainy Day.

  • Led Solar Street Light 50W With Remote Control

Main Features:

  1. Design: Big solar panel, Battery, LED panel are all in One Integrated Desgin

  2. Solar panel: High efficiency Glass Lamination panel

  3. LED: South Korea imported LED Chip SSC,140 lumen/W

  4. Battery : A graded Li-ion battery No.18650

  5. PIR :Motion sensor distance over 7M

  6. Remote controller : Adjust brightness ,lighting time and lighting mode

  7. Technology: three core Intelligence technology to improve brightness 30% and save power 50%

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